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Nick Ashman BSc DC MAO offers osteomyology services to ease the following ailments:

What is Osteomyology?

Osteomyology breaks down to Osteo (bone) myo (muscle) ology (study of) taken literally it is the study (and specialisation) of bones and muscles. For further information contact The Association of Osteomyologists on 0208 504 1426 or see the website

What can I expect during a visit?

A full medical history will be taken, a thorough spinal examination including orthopaedic, neurological and muscle tests. An explanation of our findings and a treatment plan will be discussed. If we cannot help then we will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

What will the treatment involve?

We will aim to alleviate the symptoms and prevent re-occurrance whenever possible by treating the symptoms and the cause. We will treat the whole body not just the area of discomfort using a variety of techniques including M.E.T, soft tissue of muscles ligaments and tendons, manipulative techniques, toggle recoil and cranial work. Advice on exercise and rehab plans will be given to help manage the injury.

How long will a session last?

Each treatment session is between 30-45 minutes.

Nick offers a free initial consultation to check that he can provide you with the right solution for your particular needs.

Just call us on 01420 479502 to book an assessment.

Nick Ashman of The Aim Clinic in Oakhanger

A thorough spinal examination is carried out prior to treatment

Electronic pulse machine used in Osteomyology practice

Osteomyology services at the AIM Clinic, Oakhanger, Hampshire

Electronic pulse machine for muscular pain relief
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