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We offer a series of natural health therapies that aim to changed an unbalanced state into the of balance and harmony. We focus on treating the root cause of the problem rather than focus on the symptoms.

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Nutritional Therapy

When you think of the word 'diet' the first thing that comes to mind is probably losing weight, closely followed by deprivation as you give up your favourite foods. In fact, the word diet comes from the Greek word 'diasta', which means 'way of life'. On so many levels the food you choose determines your way of life and, in a very real way, your present and future health.

Some of the health conditions which can potentially be helped by Nutritional Therapy include:

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Rejuvanessence is a unique and remarkably effective form of facial rejuvenation treatment.

It offers a gentle, precise, therapeutic massage that works in harmony with the body to soothe away the ravages of time. It lifts your face by gently helping to release tightened muscles and by working on the connective tissue to make it more elastic and flexible. It also releases blocked energy through work on the acupuncture points and meridians. This helps to detoxify and balance the body.

Rejuvanessence is completely natural. There are no electronic currents, no collagen injections and no harmful toxins. Just a gentle, relaxing massage that soothes, smoothes and lifts.

Rejuvanessence is available as a single, one hour, treatment or series of treatments. Benefits include:

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Aqua Detox

The aqua detox is a treatment designed to detox and rebalance the body. The experience is pleasant and only requires the feet to be immersed in tepid water for 30 minutes. A metal coil, known as an 'array' is added to the water and a current is passed through it. This creates a flow of electrons that convert the water into the same bio-energetic field as the person using the machine. The process is completely harmless, can be used by people of any age and conforms to medical standard EN60001.

Aqua Detox can be used to improve:

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Aqua Detox is a treatment to detox and rebalance the body
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