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Massage Therapy Services

At Touch of Health our massages are delivered and adapted depending on the needs of each individual client. Our outcomes range from looking to promote relaxation and well-being to identifying the specific problems within the body and alleviating the symptoms created as a result.

Massages can be booked on an individual basis or as part of a series of treatments over a number of weeks. There is no minimum or maximum required and is purely down to your own needs.

Massage Therapy Services Include:

(Please note, all massages are the same price. The length of treatment determines how much you pay)

Price List

60 Minute Massage - £40

90 minute Massage - £60

Why have a massage?

The following conditions can all potentially be helped by Nutritional Therapy:

What can I expect during a visit?

A full medical history will be taken upon your first visit and a treatment plan will be outlined and discussed with you. If it is felt that we cannot help you then we will refer you to the appropriate specialist.

What will the treatment involve?

Relaxation Massage

Through your initial consultation, upon your arrival, it will be decided whether you would prefer a full body massage or a specific region of the body- i.e back, neck and shoulders- to be the main focus throughout the course of your treatment.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

The aim of these massages will be to alleviate any aches and pains that may occur within a specific part of the body, perhaps due to injury or overuse. Typically, the massage will look to pinpoint the reason for the pain as well as seeking to provide comfort. Advice regarding exercises and/or stretches may also be provided in order to help you manage the injury.

How long will a session last?

60 minutes or 90 minutes (you can book either). Please see price list above.

To book an appointment today call 07841 377053 and speak to Mandy or leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email an appointment request to the following address;

Massage Testimonials from existing Touch of Health clients

"Mandy runs her business in a professional manner but also has a very warm and reassuring attitude which makes one feel relaxed even before the massage! As long term clients my husband and I benefit from regular appointments which we feel, as a mature couple, help us to keep supple and fit. Before each session Mandy asks if we have any areas that need attention, and these are always resolved by her excellent massage techniques."

Margaret Surrey

"Having suffered from chronic back and hip pain for a number of years (following an accident), I sort Mandy's help and assistance. From the very first time I met her, she was sympathetic knowledgeable and incredibly professional. Her skill and expertise is unquestionable and through her treatments, my pain has become significantly more manageable. Indeed, it has been transformational for my lifestyle. I highly recommend her."

Mark- Hampshire

"To help release tension and stress held within my body I really value regular full body massages with Mandy. These massages are very therapeutic and it feels wonderful to have all the knots and tightness undone. Mandy listens carefully to your needs and adjusts the massage accordingly. The deep massages are totally restorative and I know that I will sleep well afterwards and feel so much better and lighter the following the day."

Bridget - Hampshire

"An hour's massage from Mandy makes your world a better place. The release of muscle tension, aches and pains is wonderful; the wider benefits of calming the mind, aiding sleep and general well-being are a bonus. Mandy has restored my body from the rigours of manual work and sport for many years, keeping me active well beyond my 'best before' date. She goes about her work expertly, professionally, with good humour and great patience. She listens carefully, deals with the symptoms AND their causes, and offers plenty of advice on stretching and exercise. The best in the business!"

Richard- Hampshire

"I have known Mandy for over 5 years and have always found her to be a compassionate and understanding lady. The treatments are second to none and she will always adjust the procedure to suit my needs and comfort. Both my husband and I find her treatments very helpful to keeping us supple and pain free. I would recommend her to anyone."


Mandy Panons, Touch of Health for Massages at The AIM Clinic, Oakhanger

Release tension and stress with a Massage at Touch of Health, Oakhanger

Sports Injury Massage at Touch of Health, Oakhanger

Relax with a full body Massage at Touch of Health, Oakhanger

Touch of Health deep tissue massages for aches and pains

Mandy Panons, Massage Therapist, The Aim Clinic, Oakhanger
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