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What is Reiki?

“…a vital, life sustaining energy which is believed to flow throughout the human body (and through all living things) through a network of fine channels called meridians as well as flowing outside the body as an energy field called an aura.”
(Penelope Quest, in ‘The Reiki Manual’, 2010.)

Reiki is not aligned to a religion. Its source is divine; therefore, you may personally choose to relate it to a religious entity; or it may resonate with you as coming from the Universe, part of the soul, essence or higher-self that resides in all living things.

Why would I have a Reiki Treatment?

  • As a source of help and vitality on emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental levels.
  • To establish and manage the ideal flow of Ki between your own unique energy system and those within your life-environment.
  • To bring about balance between your mind, body and spirit so that they work in harmony for your highest good.
  • Clients have described themselves as feeling a deepening sense of relaxation and an increasing sense of well-being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

What to expect from a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is experienced as a treatment, given by a Reiki Practitioner, in which, no two Reiki treatments are identical, as our own energy system and that of our environment is never static.

Generally, the client lies down on a treatment couch, fully clothed; whilst the practitioner places their hands either on, or nearby the client’s body in a non-intrusive manner. (NB: If lying down is difficult, supports can be used to increase comfort, or the client can sit to receive a treatment.)

Reiki treatment comes under the umbrella term, ‘holistic’, as it does not look at symptoms and diagnoses. A Reiki Practitioner is not the expert in the client’s life.

A Reiki Practitioner is a non-judgemental facilitator or channel used for a client to receive Reiki; providing a place where a client can be themselves; where they may find that they wish to express thoughts, feelings and emotions as a form of release and letting go in a confidential environment.

Duration and Cost of Treatment:

The initial session includes a half hour consultation:1 & ½ hours£50.00
Subsequent Reiki Treatments:1 hour£40.00
Reiki Attunement: Levels I, II & Reiki MasterPlease contact Christine directly

How to Book:

Contact Christine Sanderson on 07749 161241

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