If you have a firm belief in your body’s ability to self-heal, and would like to try a risk free treatment based on curing like with like, then Homeopathy is for you. People say it’s effective in treating a very wide range of ailments that can affect people from birth through to old age.

It is a system of medicine that works by triggering the body’s own natural tendency to heal. The body recognises a dilute substance and responds to it in a beneficial way. Often this is done using a dilute representation of your body’s current state. It is a subtle form of energy medicine, used for hundreds of years and provides relief from complex ailments for many people.

Sylvia has been using this wonderful system for herself and her family for many years, before qualifying as a practitioner at the School of Homeopathy in 1998. She is a fully registered member of the Society of Homeopaths.

For appointments please call Sylvia 07849 290443 or email s.d.palmer@hotmail.com

Treatment Prices                                                                                                   

1st appointment adult                   £55.00

Follow up adult                             £50.00

1st appointment (under 16)            £45.00

Follow up (under 16)                     £40.00

First aid short consultation            £20.00

Mothers with young babies are charged together at the single adult rate.